• No hassle, turn-key operation
  • Convenient for all projects
  • Save money without sacrificing quality
  • Best fit for less frequent mat customers
  • Fast delivery across North America

Because one size doesn't always fit all.

Clients need flexibility. Some clients may not need mats often enough to justify buying them outright. Some are looking for quality, affordable options that won't break the project's budget. Some folks want the tax benefit of expensing rental costs and paying less sales tax. And some just don't know enough about what kind of mat they need.

That's why MRG is here.

Renting from MRG frees you up to do what you do best and leaves the mat business to us. Our experts understand the thing all clients have in common is a desire to get the job done while being environmentally-friendly and cost effective. With tailored quotes for both long and short-term projects and locations around the country, MRG gives the best possible price and value for rental mats.